1.  What is Mkazi?

Mkazi is a platform that connects clients with trusted home workers, fundis, and professional blue-collar experts. We make hiring easy, convenient, and secure. We’ve got nearly 1000 dependable professionals in our database, each of whom has long gone through an in-depth screening method. Allow us to discover and control the proper pro to your job at the same time as you relax and deal with what’s crucial.

Just submit a job request through our homepage and inside 24 hours you’ll acquire more than one quotes from certified pros. When you pick the right pro for you, we are able to manage the method to make sure your pro receives the job accomplished.

2. Locations available

Presently Mkazi services are only available inside Nairobi and surrounding regions. When you have a request outside of the town please send us an e-mail with the information and place of your job and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

3. Services available

Our passionate community of pros provides services throughout more than 80 categories starting from plumbing, carpentry, to beauty remedies. Pick out a category here to look at the entire list of services in that subject. In case your service isn’t always listed select the “Other” option and share the information and region of the job, and we’re going to do our best to fit you with the proper pro.

4. How pricing works

Pricing varies on our platform, independent contractors our pros has unique levels of experience or talents. To make sure that you get a fair variety of prices we goal to offer you with at least 3 quotes per job. The Mkazi commission accounts for 10% of the quote you acquire. All costs are non-negotiable, therefore by choosing a pro you’re agreeing to pay Mkazi the quoted amount.

For jobs that require materials, you’ll receive a quote that lists the price of the job and the cost of materials. Charges are monitored to make sure that clients acquire correct charges for materials. A down payment for the cost of materials is needed while you choose your pro.

5. Creating an account

There are some unique methods you can create an account. You can join up using the link on our navigation menu, through your FB account, or while you complete your first booking on our homepage. A valid email address, phone number, and password are required to make an account. You’ll obtain an affirmation link via e-mail.

After confirming your account you’ll be capable of getting entry to the dashboard. On this you could view your balance, manage requests, and manage payments and invoices. For more statistics on your dashboard go to this article.

6. Working hours

While asking for a job you could suggest what time you need the job to take place and we’ll find professionals who’re available on that day and time. Typically, our pros are available Monday to Sunday between 8 am and 8 pm. But, we’ve got quite some night owls and early risers that could help with jobs that need to take place outside of this range!

The Mkazi team hours are Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm, Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm, and Sunday from midday to 4 pm.

7. Warranties/guarantees

As an organization, we’re devoted to ensuring that our pros complete each job to satisfaction. If a job isn’t completed to the agreed-upon specifications, just respond to the project conclusion e-mail inside 24 hours, and our job management team will work with the expert to address any remaining issues. Please note that payment is released to the pro 24 hours after job completion, so complaints have to be shared before this time.

On a few occasions, our professionals offer warranties on new parts or finished jobs.

The professionals talk about the warranties once they share their quote and you could see the information and the duration of the warranty at the same time as reviewing quotes. In case you experience a related problem throughout the warranty period, allow us to realize by replying to the price confirmation e-mail you obtained when job is completed. Our team will communicate with the expert to restore the problem at the earliest together convenient date.

Mkazi can’t take responsibility for damage or loss resulting from Mkazi pros beyond the instant scope of the project. In choosing a pro, you’re engaging them directly as an independent contractor.

8. Press inquiries

In case you are a member of the press and are interested in learning extra about our organization, or the excellent experts at the Mkazi platform, we’d like to hear from you! Please direct inquiries to info@mkazi.org

9. Mkazi professionals

9.1 How we choose our professionals

We search a long way and wide to discover the satisfactory professionals in Nairobi, through partnerships with expert institutions and training schools, suggestions, and direct outreach. We screen all candidates, followed by interviews, exams, and verification of any certificates. For all full-time matches (like nannies and housekeepers), we additionally do complete reference tests.

9.2 How we manage professionals

As a social organization, we care deeply about all of the pros in our system and are continuously searching out methods to help them develop through jobs and products we provide. We conduct training ourselves where possible and are searching for training partnerships where we can. We call for high standards from all Mkazi pros, and they may be introduced to the Mkazi quality standards at orientation. These standards require not simply outstanding technical workmanship, but timeliness and proper communication.

We’ve got a strict 3 strikes rule to get rid of pros from the system in the event that they underperform. Pros misconduct will immediately removed them. We additionally constantly review pro’s special abilities – a skill may be introduced in the event that they build a brand new talent area, or if we find out that a pro isn’t as good at one skill as the others, that skill can be removed from their profile. This guarantees that we are constantly querying the proper pros for every job – what you notice on a pro’s profile is what you get!

9.3 Pro profiles

Pro profiles are designed to help you analyze more about a pro. To view a profile just choose a pro’s name in a quote or in your dashboard of jobs. Within the header of a pro profile you could view a pro’s image, star rating, timeliness and communication rating, in addition to the wide variety of jobs they have got finished through Mkazi. Under a pro’s picture you may find their Mkazi badges, offer from us if a pro wins the pro of the month award. Choose a pro’s experience box and bio to study extra about their education, employment, and passions.

A pro’s profile as a table in lists their associated information and categories. Deciding on a category at the top of table lets you see a set of statistics associated with that career. This consists of a rating of their subskills, a gallery in their work, reviews by Mkazi clients and outside references, in addition to frequent questions they may be asked. To book a pro from their profile click on the button in the top right and choose the service you require.

9.4 Booking the proper pro

While you make a request, we ask you many questions to correctly decide the scope of the job. This allows our system to determine the appropriate professionals, making sure that we only solicit prices from pros which have the precise skills and knowledge you require. As an example, in case you are searching out a carpenter that will help you sand and polish your wooden floor, seeing profiles of carpenters who’re outstanding at building furniture can be pretty misleading or difficult. We work hard to maintain track of the many sub skills that every pro possesses to ensure that you only see the ones experts who’re properly ideal to your request.

While reviewing quotes from more than one pro, you could go to everyone’s profile to look more information about the sub skills they possess, in addition to their work experience, previous jobs and rankings, and other information that will help you locate your preferred pro.

9.5  Rebooking a pro

If you want to rebook a pro for same service choose completed jobs tab in your dashboard and click on the ‘rebook’ button to the right of the pro’s name. While you rebook a pro for the identical service the same charge applies. You’ll acquire a confirmation SMS for the job once the pro confirms their availability.

To rebook a pro for the other carrier navigate to their pro profile and use the ‘book me’ button to choose the service you would really like. You’ll obtain a quote for the job within 24 hours, book the job to verify the pro’s charge and the scheduled time.

9.6 Rewarding pros

To reward a pro for his or her excellent work, please use the rating request to offer them 5 stars at the job, a thumbs up on applicable subskills, score their timeliness and communication abilities, and to leave any extra remarks. If a pro’s work quality and professionalism is good rate them as per service and offer us with particular comments inside the feedback segment. A pro’s score is an average of their finished jobs, therefore they do not see the particular rating a client gives them.

Ratings and reviews are an essential part of the mkazi platform. Ratings permit us to reward our top pros and to ensure that our database includes only the excellent. We screen your remarks constantly and routinely get rid of pros with low ratings from the platform.

9.7  A way to become a mkazi professional

We’re constantly searching out passionate, dependable, and qualified pros.

To turn out to be a mkazi pro please check out our join mkazi web page. Do provide us with sufficient details for your special skills, and experience. Our team will follow up with you as soon as we can.

In case you realize of a professional who might be an outstanding mkazi pro please suggest a pro here

10.1 Issues & complaints

1. Problem with my pro

Our purpose is to make working with informal region experts safe, honest, and really easy.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and once in a while matters go wrong. That is why we’ve devoted job satisfaction team designed to solve any problem that comes up within the best and quickest way possible. Whether or not it is a mkazi pro running late, a job not completed well, or some other problem – simply send us an e-mail to allow us to understand what happened. Certainly from many of our managers who look into job satisfaction will get back to you right away to find an answer.

Moreover, whenever you’ve got a bad experience from a mkazi pro we’d appreciate it if you could share your frustration in the rating form which you obtain after the job is complete. Maintaining track of each proper and awful experiences is quite critical not only to help future clients determine who to work with, however additionally to assist the professional identify regions of improvement.

Please notice that pros who’re liable for any critical infractions, or are always getting negative ratings or complaints, can be right away removed from the mkazi platform and could not be eligible to get hold of job requests in the future.

2. Cancellation policy

We’re aware that schedules change, and our platform permits you to effortlessly reschedule a present job. We encourage you to reschedule jobs, as canceling a job reasons pros to lose precious work and disrupts their time table. You could reschedule a job on your dashboard through choosing the dropdown arrow then clicking at the reschedule button. If there may be no foreseeable date to which you can reschedule, you could cancel the job using the link on your dashboard.

3. Job canceled by pro

We are sorry to know that your pro has canceled a scheduled job. We’ve a strict policy in place to make sure that you obtain excellent service on our platform.

If a pro cancels a job you’re assured the same price for the job. You’ll acquire quotes from other pro’s within 24 hours, these can be for the equal amount and could permit you to choose the pro you’ve got the most confidence in. Once you choose your pro a brand new time will be scheduled, and the job will continue on the agreed-upon day.

No charges are incurred for jobs canceled by pros.

4. Warranties/guarantees

As an organization, we’re devoted to ensuring that our pros complete each job to satisfaction. If a job isn’t finished to the agreed-upon specifications, just reply to the project conclusion e-mail within 24 hours, and our job management team will work with the expert to deal with any outstanding problems. Please note that price is released to the pro after 24 hours when the job is  completed, therefore complaints should be shared before it.

In a few instances, our experts offer warranties for newly procured components or finished jobs. The experts talk the warranties once they share their quote and you could see the information and the duration of the warranty even as reviewing quotes. In case you experience an identical issue in the course of the warranty length, allow us to aware by reply to the confirmation payment e-mail you obtained after completion of job. We will communicate with the pro to solve the problem on the earliest mutually convenient date.

Mkazi can’t take responsibility for damage or loss due to mkazi pros beyond the instant scope of the project. In choosing a pro, you are engaging them immediately as an independent contractor.